I recently read something about dropping the rope of a tug-of-war with someone I think I can change. Oh my god I related to that! So, I am making a commitment to try not do this with the people I love. This is my New Year’s resolution.


When I pick up the rope to play this tug-of-war, I never win.
So I’m dropping this rope.

When I was a child everybody played that tug-of-war.
And I made up my mind that the rope must be how you love.

I picked up the rope. I tried to make you see it my way.
Force you to me.
I tried to change your mind.
Give you unsolicited advice.
Like I’m speaking from some higher throne of

It never works out.
I’m a hopeless failure
at this tug-of-war.

This is not love.

When I drop the rope, the other person is left with the slack.
They might fall on their face and then
I’m afraid.

When I’m pulling on the rope, I can’t see my crazy:
Trying to change you.
Trying to make you come my way.
Do it my way.
An illusion of being in control of what I am powerless over.

When I drop the rope
I let you be.

And then I can see.

I’m dropping the rope.


Maggie Parkerhas recently moved to Manhattan from Los Angeles and delights in sharing her many years of life, love and yoga practice. Take a class with her at Naam Yoga, 141 West 72nd Street in Manhattan http://www.naamyoganewyork.com Join her Slow Flow/Restorative class on Tuesdays 5:15-6:15. Please follow this blog and share with your friends!

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