A hawk, high in the sky
Her wings outstretched.
Gliding on the currents
of air way up there.
Invisible currents,
but they are there.
Holding her up.
She circles in figure eights,
barely moving a muscle
or a feather.
A little twitch of a feather here and
a little twitch of a feather there. Gliding.

She hasn’t thought about it.
She hasn’t planned it
or prepared for it.
No fear to overcome, no tension
or holding back.
She just showed up there,
trusting those currents to hold her up.

Oh! What would that feel like?
To be that free!
To be able to surrender and let go like that!

Try it on.
Be the hawk now.
Feel the currents of air holding you up.
No tension, no fear, just peacefully gliding away, up in the blue sky.

Look down onto the earth below.
Look down at yourself.
And there you are,
in your perfect magnificence.


Do this meditation in Svasana pose. Lie down somewhere comfortable. Svasana means “corpse pose,” so just lie there like a corpse. Legs straight out, or a bolster or rolled up blanket under your knees. Arms by your sides, palms up. Take a deep breath in, filling your lungs, and then open your mouth and blow it out with a sigh.

Feel the back of your head on the floor.  Scan your whole body from top to bottom and notice where your body meets the floor: Your shoulders, the backs of your arms and hands, your upper back, your hips, the backs of the legs all the way down to your heels. Release everything. Feel the density and the weight of your body being held down with gravity. While Mother Earth gently cradles you and holds you up, supports you. Let the insides of your ears release.


Maggie Parker  delights in sharing her many years of yoga practice! Join her Slow Flow/Restorative class on Tuesdays 5:15-6:15 at Please follow this blog for Your Weekly Om!

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